S1E1: Avenal

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The Kline family was on their way to visit friends when a drunk driver veered into the wrong lane and hit their car head-on. Jerry and Linda Kline, both in their early 20s, and their 13-month old daughter were killed almost instantly. Their two young sons were left orphaned and struggling for their lives. 

In the Season One premiere of Here's What I've Heard, Jerry and Linda's granddaughter, Courtney Abud, tries to find answers about their deaths. Her father was one of those orphaned boys—and she's ready to learn more about the grandparents she never met.

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Our featured organization this week is the National Safety Council. To learn more about their programs, visit their website. Musical direction was provided by Julia Cannon, featuring Bobby Steinfeld on piano. Here's What I've Heard is produced by Courtney Abud and Craig Brown.


Episode 1 Bonus: Sonny

In August of 1943, nearly 22 years before Jerry Kline and his family were killed, his brother Sonny was the victim of a tragic accident that took his life—and the lives of two other children. In this bonus episode, we hear from Jerry and Sonny's sister Doris about the event that led to her older brother's death.