S1E2: Gerald "Jerry" Kline

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To his schoolmates back in Annville, PA, Jerry Kline seemed to vanish out of thin air after 1958. He isn't seen in the yearbook past the tenth grade, and since he was a quiet guy to begin with, nobody really went looking for him. Decades later, they're shocked to hear about his death.

In Episode Two of Here's What I've Heard, we interview classmates and family members of Jerry to get a better idea of who he was as a person, and the events that led to his so-called disappearance. 

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Episode 2 Bonus: Nancy

When Nancy Elaine Kline was only six years old, her brother Sonny passed away in a tragic accident. Her family had no idea that roughly 15 years later, Nancy would be gone, too. They knew she struggled with a mysterious ailment, but they received conflicting advice. Nancy even spent time in a mental institution. By the time she finally learned what was wrong, it was too late. In this bonus episode, we'll hear Doris talk about her sister's struggles and how they affected the Kline family.