S1E5: Hershey, PA

Ep 5 Instagram.png

After a hard-fought battle on many sides, the custody dispute was settled by a judge—Jerry and Paul would attend the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 

Started in 1910 by Milton S. Hershey as an industrial school for orphaned boys, the school was meant to be a safe haven. But while some boys thrived, others floundered—and sometimes for reasons outside of their control. What would the outcome be for Jerry and Paul?

A warning: This episode contains descriptions of abuse that may not be suitable for some listeners.

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Musical direction was provided by Julia Cannon, featuring Bobby Steinfeld on piano. Here's What I've Heard is produced by Courtney Abud and Craig Brown.

Episode 5 Bonus: Glee + Houseparents

Jerry Kline joined the Milton Hershey School Glee Club before his junior year. Glee Club singers traveled throughout the year and were considered the Milton Hershey School's greatest ambassadors. By the time Jerry joined, the Glee Club's director, Virgil L. Alexander, had already been leading the group for 25 years, turning the ensemble into a well-respected and revered performance team. In this bonus episode, Jerry reflects on his time singing under Mr. Alexander's direction and the fond memories he has of his time singing with the group. Plus, see pictures of the houseparents mentioned in Episode 5.