S1E3: Linda Seibert Kline

Ep 3 Instagram.png

Like Jerry, Linda grew up in a big, chaotic family. She had five brothers, and some of them just couldn't seem to stay out of trouble. But Linda was the star of the family, and her death brought a cloak of sadness down upon them. 

In Episode Three of Here's What I've Heard, we dive into Linda's childhood and the events that preceded her departure from Pennsylvania and, ultimately, the accident that took her life.

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Our featured organization this week is National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. To learn more about their programs, visit their website. Musical direction was provided by Julia Cannon, featuring Bobby Steinfeld on piano. Here's What I've Heard is produced by Courtney Abud and Craig Brown.

Episode 3 Bonus: Family Photos

Linda's mother took many, many photographs of her children throughout the years. In this Here's What I've Heard bonus post, we're sharing some of the photos mentioned in Episode Three to give you a better idea of what Linda was like as a child.