S1E8: Tommy Kaylor

Ep 8 Instagram.png

Tommy Kaylor's sister says he was a good man and a great father. His ex-wife, however, tells a different story.

In Episode 8, we'll hear more from the people around Thomas Leon Kaylor, explore the charges against him, and discover what happened when it was up to a judge to decide just what kind of person Tommy Kaylor really was.

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Musical direction was provided by Julia Cannon, featuring Bobby Steinfeld on piano. Here's What I've Heard is produced by Courtney Abud and Craig Brown.

Episode 8 Bonus: Pearson and Blackwell

A. Hugo Pearson wasn't always a defense attorney. In the years before he took Tommy Kaylor's case, he was a DA for King's County. In this bonus episode, we'll explore one of his most notorious cases—that of Millard Blackwell.